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What is Considered to be a Breach of Contract in Commercial Real Estate?

Every breach of contract in commercial real estate is unique because no two properties are the same.  Every physical location is different and most other properties won’t share the same size, improvements, buildings, access, or resources.
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Commercial Law and Business Law - What is the Difference?

Commercial law and business law are two areas of legal practice that often get confused with each other.  In fact, many use these terms interchangeably.  While the two have overlapping issues, there are real differences between them. 
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An Overview of Commercial Landlord Rights

A commercial landlord is someone who leases or rents commercial property to a tenant through a lease agreement.  With this lease agreement, commercial landlord rights are decided upon during commercial lease negotiations.
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Evicting a Commercial Tenant

If evicting a commercial tenant is necessary, you will be required to follow the legal procedures in your state as well as the terms set forth in your commercial lease agreement.
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Common Real Estate Title Problems You Should Be Aware Of

A title is a legal way of holding ownership over real estate.  It is a bundle of rights in a piece of property in which a party may own a legal interest or equitable interest.  When a home or property is sold, the title transfers from one party to another.  A title shouldn’t be confused with a deed, although some may refer to both terms in the same way.  A deed is an official written document declaring a person’s legal ownership of a property, while a title refers to the concept of ownership rights.  Escrow companies normally handle the task of title and deed transfer.  Titles are only transferred once sellers perform a legal title search.
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Commercial Real Estate Land Violations

Commercial real estate land violations can also prevent the owner from obtaining documents pertaining to that property.
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Florida Constitutional Amendment 6 - Benefits of Homestead Property Tax Discount for Surviving Spouses of Veterans

Florida Constitutional Amendment 6 passes but what does it mean for spouses of veterans? Learn more in this article.
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A Land Dispute - What is the #1 Thing to Do to in This Case?

If you have a land dispute or property boundary issue, there are things you need to be aware of. This article explains what you need to know.
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HOA Rule Enforcement: Top 2 Questions - How Are They Established and Are They Enforceable?

This article explains how homeowners association (HOA) rules are established and how enforceable they are. Read more.
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