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Understanding Conservation Easement Agreements

To protect and conserve the natural resources, wildlife habitat, ecosystems, archaeological resources, agricultural uses, and scenic vistas that exist on their property a landowner may want to consider a conservation easement (CE).
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Who is Responsible for Cutting Overhanging Tree Branches?

You think your neighbor’s trees are beautiful, but what happens when the branches start to grow over your house or shed, which you believe to be a dangerous situation?  Also, what about the rotten fruit dropping in your yard?  In this article, we will discuss your options and who is responsible for cutting overhanging tree branches.
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What Are Your Rights When it Comes to Easements?

If you are thinking of buying property in Florida, whether residential or commercial, it’s important to understand what are your rights with easements and how it may affect you as a property owner.
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Rights and Responsibilities of Riparian Owners

Before you purchase waterfront property, it is important that you gain an understanding of the riparian rights and responsibilities that come with it.
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Understanding Local Code Enforcement

To ensure compliance with housing and building codes, cities, towns, and counties engage in local code enforcement activities.
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Making Sense of the Environmental Permitting Process

A permit allows you to carry on various activities which may have an impact on the environment and human health.  The Environmental Resource Permitting (ERP) program regulates most alterations to the land surface in Florida that are not specifically exempt from regulations by statute or rule.  Environmental permitting can be a key instrument for reducing an industry’s environmental impact, facilitating its compliance with environmental requirements and promoting technological innovation.
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Working From Home vs Running a Business Out of My House - What You Need To Know

In this article, we will try to sort out some of these answers to give you an idea of what is allowed and what isn’t. What is the Difference between Working from Home vs Running a Business out of my house?
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Commercial Land Zoning Disputes - What You Need To Know

If you own commercial property, you know all too well that you are subject to commercial land zoning and land use regulations.  Zoning is a system to classify privately owned real estate. 
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Can I Appeal My Property Tax?

Taxes aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, and that is especially true when it comes to property taxes. Which makes us wonder, can I appeal my property tax?
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