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The Role of Title Insurance in Adverse Possession Cases: Florida Insights

One of the reasons that title insurance may come in handy is for adverse possession claims.
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Riparian Rights and Environmental Conservation:  Balancing Property Ownership and Water Preservation in Florida

A common dispute among owners of waterfront property is what is known as riparian rights. 
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Legal Recourse for Trespassing in Neighbor Property Line Disputes

When neighbors have a property line dispute, it usually means that one neighbor has crossed this invisible line.
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man working on a board of grass pre planning where properties will go

The Intersection of Environmental Law and Real Estate: What Property Owners Need to Know

Property owners should be aware of environmental law and real estate, and how that could affect the way the land is used as well as potential liability issues.
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Protecting Endangered Species: What Every Business Needs to Know

Protecting endangered species is critical for a healthy ecosystem.  An endangered animal or plant can serve as early signs of environmental changes and pollution, which can negatively affect the human population as well as other wildlife. 
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man and woman shaking the hand of a woman sitting at a desk with floor plans of a house on the desk

The Role of Land Use Lawyers in Real Estate Development

From advising clients on land use regulations to negotiating contracts and representing clients in zoning board hearings, Rob can assist you with all your land use needs. Contact his office today for personalized care and attention to all your land use concerns.
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ariel view of land plots some with buildings on them some without

Navigating Government Regulations in Land Use Disputes: Tips for Property Owners

Understanding government regulations in land use disputes is critical. Local governments may deny or revoke property rights, subject to limitations. Gather evidence and documentation, and connect with a legal professional to assess your case.
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2 different fences seperating property

Property Line Disputes Over a Fence

Discover fencing benefits, placement rules, shared responsibilities, and ways to avoid property line disputes. Get legal advice from Rob Robinson's office.
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man on the phone looking at plans infront of the side of a street.

Eminent Domain in Florida

Learn about eminent domain in the United States and how it works in Florida, including the landmark case Kelo v. New London. If you receive an eminent domain notice, contact attorney Rob Robinson for personalized legal counsel and protection of your property rights.
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