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last will and testament with a pocketwatch and pen

Can a Will be Contested?

There are a lot of emotions involved when a loved one dies and contesting a Will can be a difficult proposition.  A Last Will and Testament aren’t invalid just because one of the parties does not like the contents.  There are often times that a family member is excluded from a Will or their device […]
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waterfront property

Rights and Responsibilities of Riparian Owners

Florida is blessed with nearly 2,000 miles of coastline, 11,000 miles of rivers, streams, and waterways, and approximately 7,700 lakes over 10 acres in size.  While this results in bountiful waterfront properties, it is also limited.  The right to use and enjoy the water here in Florida is governed by Riparian law.  Before you purchase […]
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inspector checking out a wall

Understanding Local Code Enforcement

What is Local Code Enforcement? State and local governments enact housing and building codes to require that residential and commercial properties meet minimum health and safety standards.  To ensure compliance with housing and building codes, cities, towns, and counties engage in local code enforcement activities.  Code enforcement areas of interest can include: Accessibility Codes Construction […]
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woman ripping up paper

What is Considered to be a Breach of Contract in Commercial Real Estate?

What is a Breach of Contract? A commercial real estate contract is a document that contains many terms and conditions which are integral to the contract for the sale of the commercial property.  A breach of contract occurs when a party to a valid contract fails to fulfill their portion of the agreement, whether oral […]
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2 men shaking hands in a commercial building

Commercial Law and Business Law - What is the Difference?

Commercial law and business law are two areas of legal practice that often get confused with each other.  In fact, many use these terms interchangeably.  While the two have overlapping issues, there are real differences between them.  In this article, we will attempt to explain both the differences, as well as the commonalities found in each area.
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law book with gavel

Do I Need An Employment Lawyer Before I Need An Employment Lawyer

People are a company’s most valuable asset.  While many companies invest heavily in training the right people for a specific job, few of us have the needed resources to stay abreast of the ever-changing state and federal labor laws that protect the workers we employ.  For most of us, this means that we will call a lawyer when we get sued or threatened with a lawsuit.
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computer with leaves and trees

Making Sense of the Environmental Permitting Process

A permit allows you to carry on various activities which may have an impact on the environment and human health.  The Environmental Resource Permitting (ERP) program regulates most alterations to the land surface in Florida that are not specifically exempt from regulations by statute or rule.  Environmental permitting can be a key instrument for reducing an industry’s environmental impact, facilitating its compliance with environmental requirements and promoting technological innovation.
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woman working at her kitchen table

Working From Home vs Running a Business Out of My House - What You Need To Know

Since the pandemic changed the way many of us needed to work, there have been a lot of questions about the legal ramifications of working from home.  In many cases, there may be legal restrictions about operating a business from your home.  Even working from home may violate certain zoning restrictions in your local area. […]
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shopping center

Commercial Land Zoning Disputes - What You Need To Know

What is the Land Zoning Process? If you own commercial property, you know all too well that you are subject to commercial land zoning and land use regulations.  Zoning is a system to classify privately owned real estate.  Zoning laws are used by local governments to closely control community development now and in the future.  […]
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