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What Is A Collective Bargaining Agreement?

A collective bargaining agreement (CBAs) helps provide a greater degree of predictability for employers in the areas of wages, bonuses, and working hours.
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What is a Retaliation Claim?

A retaliation claim is an action taken by an employee when their employer takes negative measures against the employee because they file a formal complaint about workplace discrimination or harassment.
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What is Considered to be Unfair Treatment at Work?

When it comes to employment, there are two basic truths.  First of all, everyone expects to be fairly treated at work.  Secondly, many people suffer unfair treatment.  It’s unfortunate, but it happens.  A place of employment can be an unkind environment.  There are also various degrees of unfair treatment at work, and not all of […]
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Can an Employee Claim Compensation for Stress or Anxiety at Work?

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), 72% of Americans say that workplace stress and anxiety interfere with their lives.  Because of this, the workplace is seeing a trend in employees seeking compensation for emotional distress.  What are an employer’s rights and can employees sue for stress at work?
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Can Employees be Terminated for Refusing to Return to Work?

Some individuals are still concerned with COVID-19 and refusing to return to work for fear of getting infected.  In this article, we will examine the rights of the employee and the employer during this unique history that we are currently living.
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Do I Need An Employment Lawyer Before I Need An Employment Lawyer

People are a company’s most valuable asset.  While many companies invest heavily in training the right people for a specific job, few of us have the needed resources to stay abreast of the ever-changing state and federal labor laws that protect the workers we employ.  For most of us, this means that we will call a lawyer when we get sued or threatened with a lawsuit.
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Are You Being Sued For Wrongful Termination

A terrifying prospect can be when an employee is let go and then turns around and claims the termination was unjust.  A wrongful termination suit can be lengthy and very costly for a company.
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The Importance of a Human Resources Handbook

These are often confused with one another, yet there is a significant difference.  Your employee handbook is essentially the “what” of your company culture and the human resources handbook is the “how”. 
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Understanding FFCRA - The Families First Coronavirus Response Act

Employers should understand how they may be affected by the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) in 2020.
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