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What Should I Do if I Receive a Code Compliance Violation?

If you receive a code compliance violation in Florida, it's important to take prompt and appropriate action to address the issue.  Code compliance violations are actually some of the more serious laws in Florida.
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The Role of Artificial Intelligence in HR Compliance and Litigation

AI can help organizations make better decisions, improve efficiency and speed, enjoy new capabilities, expand their business models, improve monitoring, and much more.  AI is especially playing an important role in Human Resources (“HR”) when it comes to compliance and litigation.
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Avoiding Seasonal Employment Pitfalls: Legal Compliance Guide

Hiring seasonal employees provides a fresh set of hands, plus they can provide new talent and fresh perspectives.  However, there are some legal considerations to keep in mind when hiring and paying these seasonal employees.
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Harassment Prevention in the #MeToo Movement

As the #MeToo movement continues to evolve and shape the workplace, business owners may want to revisit their policies to ensure they are complying with applicable federal and state laws. 
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Estate Planning with Digital Assets in Florida

Estate planning with digital assets is something that many people in Florida fail to adequately plan for.
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The Impact of Florida's Non-Compete Laws on Employment Contracts

A non-compete is a clause in a contract, typically signed at the start of a business relationship, that states an employee cannot enter into competition with an employer after the employment period is over. 
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Wetlands Delineation in Florida

A wetland delineation report includes the delineation methods, findings, photographs, results, soils, hydrology and vegetation data, climate conditions during the survey, as well as other relevant information that supports the delineator’s decision on where the water body/upland boundary is located
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The Role of Conservation Easements in Florida's Land Preservation Efforts

Landowners who want to make sure that their land is used in ways they approve of in the future can use legal agreements to conserve their land.  The most popular way to protect your land is with a conservation easement.
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Environmental Impact Assessments in Florida

Environmental impact assessments (EIS), also called environmental assessment (EA), assess the potential social, environmental, and economic impact of a potential project.
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