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What is a Retaliation Claim?

A retaliation claim is an action taken by an employee when their employer takes negative measures against the employee because they file a formal complaint about workplace discrimination or harassment.
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Land Use vs Zoning

While land use and zoning are intrinsically tied together and are often times assumed to be the same thing, they are two completely different terms with separate definitions.
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A Guide to Environmental Due Diligence

If you are thinking about purchasing, refinancing, or leasing commercial property, then environmental due diligence is a term that you should be acquainted with.
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What is Considered to be Unfair Treatment at Work?

When it comes to employment, there are two basic truths.  First of all, everyone expects to be fairly treated at work.  Secondly, many people suffer unfair treatment.  It’s unfortunate, but it happens.  A place of employment can be an unkind environment.  There are also various degrees of unfair treatment at work, and not all of […]
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What is a Development Order?

While the State of Florida has one of the most comprehensive and progressive land-use planning programs in the country, it still has its share of red tape and bureaucracy.  In this article, we will explain one of the first steps in this process; the development order.
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Appealing Your Property Tax Bill

The good news is that if you believe your property taxes are too high, there are steps you can take to possibly get them lowered, by appealing your property tax bill.
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Understanding Conservation Easement Agreements

To protect and conserve the natural resources, wildlife habitat, ecosystems, archaeological resources, agricultural uses, and scenic vistas that exist on their property a landowner may want to consider a conservation easement (CE).
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Who is Responsible for Cutting Overhanging Tree Branches?

You think your neighbor’s trees are beautiful, but what happens when the branches start to grow over your house or shed, which you believe to be a dangerous situation?  Also, what about the rotten fruit dropping in your yard?  In this article, we will discuss your options and who is responsible for cutting overhanging tree branches.
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What Are Your Rights When it Comes to Easements?

If you are thinking of buying property in Florida, whether residential or commercial, it’s important to understand what are your rights with easements and how it may affect you as a property owner.
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