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Due Process in Administrative Law: Balancing Fairness and Efficiency

There is a growing debate about what is constitutionally required to satisfy procedural due process and if available due process protections are sufficient.
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The Role of Land Use Lawyers in Real Estate Development

From advising clients on land use regulations to negotiating contracts and representing clients in zoning board hearings, Rob can assist you with all your land use needs. Contact his office today for personalized care and attention to all your land use concerns.
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The Clean Air Act and its Implications on Your Business

The Clean Air Act of 1970 is the most comprehensive federal law that regulates air emissions from stationary and mobile sources, aimed at addressing public health and welfare risks from widespread air pollutants. Learn about the regulations imposed by the act, potential penalties for non-compliance, and steps to ensure compliance.
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Navigating Government Regulations in Land Use Disputes: Tips for Property Owners

Understanding government regulations in land use disputes is critical. Local governments may deny or revoke property rights, subject to limitations. Gather evidence and documentation, and connect with a legal professional to assess your case.
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Property Line Disputes Over a Fence

Discover fencing benefits, placement rules, shared responsibilities, and ways to avoid property line disputes. Get legal advice from Rob Robinson's office.
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Eminent Domain in Florida

Learn about eminent domain in the United States and how it works in Florida, including the landmark case Kelo v. New London. If you receive an eminent domain notice, contact attorney Rob Robinson for personalized legal counsel and protection of your property rights.
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Code Enforcers in Florida

If you are a property owner in Florida, you may be subject to code enforcement.  Code compliance violations in Florida, issued by code enforcers, can be serious and can carry penalties that property owners want to avoid.
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How to Avoid Contractor Fraud After a Hurricane

So how can you avoid contractor fraud after a hurricane causes damage to your property?  Read on for tips on how not to get taken.
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Price Gouging Laws After a Hurricane

When Florida Governor Ron DeSantis declared a state of emergency ahead of Hurricane Ian’s landfall last year, it enabled resources to be made available for rescue, shelter, evacuation, and to provide essential commodities.  It also kicked in price gouging laws for all 67 counties in the state. 
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