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Neighbor Property Line Dispute

Regardless of how friendly you and your neighbors are, property lines exist. The best-case scenario is that a property line dispute is just an annoying frustration that takes away from you enjoying your home or property. Worst case scenario, a property line or boundary dispute can cause property loss and sometimes physical conflict between neighbors. The best and most effective way to avoid a property line dispute with your neighbor altogether is to understand how property boundaries and property lines work. The direction you take for resolution will depend on your dispute. (For example, if you believe your neighbor is crossing the boundary line of your property, you have the right to take legal action to resolve the encroachment.)
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a Florida creek with trees on a sunny day

Florida Environmental Law: Choosing the Right Attorney To Protect Your Interests

Choosing the right Florida environmental law attorney is critical. Learn more in this article and contact me with any questions you may have.
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Florida Constitutional Amendment 6 - Benefits of Homestead Property Tax Discount for Surviving Spouses of Veterans

Florida Constitutional Amendment 6 passes but what does it mean for spouses of veterans? Learn more in this article.
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Florida Constitutional Amendment 5 - Benefits of "Save Our Homes" Extension

Florida Constitutional Amendment 5 passes. What does it mean for homeowners?
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close up of a white picket fence

A Land Dispute - What is the #1 Thing to Do to in This Case?

If you have a land dispute or property boundary issue, there are things you need to be aware of. This article explains what you need to know.
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Resolving Land Disputes Using Arbitration and Mediation

Arbitration or mediation? Which process is right for you to resolve land use disputes? The choice you make can impact everyone involved.
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Married couple in a counseling session

Arbitration Vs Mediation - What are the Most Important Things to Know

Arbitration vs. mediation - Both are considered forms of alternative dispute resolution and can avoid costly litigation. Learn more.
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young woman on a Zoom call with several people

HOA Meetings During the Coronavirus - The Best Way to Conduct HOA Business

How should HOAs conduct business in the age of COVID? There are steps you should take to protect your association. Learn more.
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Virtual Court Trials in the Time of COVID-19

This article is to provide some guidance for attorneys who may be called upon to conduct court proceedings utilizing virtual technology.
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