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Commercial Landlord-Tenant Property Litigation

Landlord tenant relationships during the pandemic of 2020 can present challenging issues. As a landlord what are your rights under federal and state laws, government executive orders and cessation of landlord tenant eviction proceedings. Let my 30 years of practicing commercial landlord tenant law in Southwest Florida help you navigate through these difficult times to arrive at a strategy which results in returning the property to your possession or the tenant to a successful rent payer.

Trust and Will Disputes

Most aging individuals in Southwest Florida have either a will and or trust which addresses their property upon their passing. However it is not uncommon for these individuals to be susceptible to undue influence from a family member, health care worker or neighbor. If you were a beneficiary of such a will or trust you may have the right to challenge changes to the will or trust which were done as a result of mental incapacity or through undue influence. I have considerable experience assisting families in navigating through these difficult and emotional post death issues.

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